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Duct Inspection and Cleaning Robots

Robotics has always been the best preference for any work, where the humans cannot reach or in hazardous environment. For Precision inspection and monitoring of Air Ducts, We introduce you the duct cleaning robots AKA 'The Cleaner BOT'. Our Duct inspection robots are designed to act as a third eye for reaching the unreachable. This sophisticated Robot can scan an entire duct in all possible dimensions and give a full High Definition feedback for its operator even from the darkest and deepest ducts. Our duct cleaning robots can work at its full efficiency in any possible terrain; move in any possible direction; and move through any possible ducts regardless of the shape and size of the Vent or Duct.

Cleaner BOT is designed and build with materials of highest quality available, which makes sure that it can work through harsh conditions. Integrated Speed control mechanism provides full control on the operator at any terrain. With all the features added with its compact and portable design makes this duct inspection &cleaning robots stand out from the rest of the drones available in the market ad making us one of the best duct cleaning companies in India. With state of the art features, we make sure that our Duct inspection robots handle all the inspection and cleaning works of any Air, Kitchen, and Laundry Ducts with ease, as well as inspect and detect blocks in pipelines with a hundred percent accuracy

With all the updated research and technology, we are always one step ahead out of the rest of duct inspection companies in India and are expanding our reach to the international markets. And to all our clients we work with an ethical and well planned manner to make sure that the air you breath and the place you live is always clean.

Home Automation

We develop and manufacture a complete suite of integrated solutions that has defined the modern age of home and commercial automation. Our Switch-Board-Integrated home automation modules are such invisible systems that have revolutionized the integration needs of today's most advanced environments. Through ongoing innovation, we continue to define the future of control and automation for residential and commercial applications.


We believe that the steady growth of a company can only be established by continuous innovation of highest quality products and services with unprecedented features at an affordable price backed by an excellent monitoring service and a friendly staff of experts.

With our vision to enable everyone to truly sense the world with our "off-the-shelf" products and services we design technologies that are green and energy efficient, in hopes of helping the world stay green and our people stay healthy.

Management systems are in place to provide a structured environment that facilitates incremental and measurable progress toward perfection. With continuous patented innovations to create technological advancements, quality product and processes, and first-rate customer service, we have emerged as a leading provider of intelligent control, automation, security systems and audio/video systems.